Ian & Alexandra/ New York City

It was so hard to pick just a few pictures of the wedding I shot in NY recently. I might not have even done it justice displaying just the ones below but I hope that you all enjoy and just know this was one heck of a wedding to photograph for this Florida boy. Even though I had lived in NY briefly when I was a teenager, I had never been to Grand Central Station (I know…I’m odd). It was the special locale of their choice and it was amazing. Only thing I had to make sure of was that nobody ran off with my equipment while I was taking pictures, LOL. Afterwards, they headed back to their reception at a wonderful little restaurant named Aleo’s located off West 20th Street. Simply put, this wedding was a breath of fresh air. Here’s wishing Ian and Alexandra a wonderful marriage and some sweet Amore sprinkled on top!

Rusty Pelican Vendor Night

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“Pictures of Love”: An Introspective look at Foto di Amore

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So kiss me….

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